About us

Techavy.com is a technology blog dedicated to providing honest reviews and discoveries about the latest technology, products and startups. We blog about everything that can add value to the lives of our readers and help them setup up their game.

Sharing insights right from tech tips, startup, product reviews, and user experiences about the latest mobile phones, gadgets, apps, games, and everything else related to technology that you care about.

Founded in 2016, We have come a long way from our inception.

We started as a 1 person blog started by our founder, we have now expanded into a team of over 10 people including editors, publishers and content curators to bring to you the latest and greatest insights from the world of tech.

Abhishek Yadav is the founder of techavy.com which he started in June 2016 as a platform to share his passion for technology with the world. 

He is now the CEO of Baclinc Ventures Pvt. Ltd., A Digital Marketing Company based in Mumbai.

His enthusiasm about the the world of tech have taken him down many interesting paths as he is now exploring business opportunites in various spaces like Crypto Currencies, Startups, Marketing and Product Design. 

He is on a mission to grow Techavy into a world renowned technology publication.

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Abhishek Yadav - Founder, Techavy.com